Olde Forge / Surrey Square. The most wonderful neighbors live here.

The Olde Forge - Surrey Square Neighborhood


This winter, I was assisted by Patty Keppler in welcoming new neighbors. The new neighbors are included in the most recent newsletter. 

With the COVID situation, contact has been more challenging.  If you are new and have not yet been welcomed, please let me know!

Going forward, I will continue to try to welcome new families at a distance! I rely on all of you to let me know when you know that someone new has moved into a house near to you. Please send me a quick email or text with any information you might have. I will then stop by and leave a note introducing myself and our Civic Association to them with ways for them to contact me. Hopefully they will join our listserv and I will send an introductory email to you on their behalf. Thanks for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you.

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