Olde Forge / Surrey Square. The most wonderful neighbors live here.

The Olde Forge - Surrey Square Neighborhood


About Us

Welcome to the NeighborhoodThe Forgesquare Civic Association was formed to promote the civic interests and the general welfare of two Fairfax County subdivisions:

  • Olde Forge, on the Pickett Road side, and
  • Surrey Square, on the Twinbrook Road side

Joining forces allowed us to achieve economies of scale as well as have greater clout in the Braddock District.  The benefits of having an active Civic Association include:

  • Neighborhood Directory, including a Business and Youth Services Directory (updated every 2 years).
  • Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Community newsletter 3-4 times per year.
  • Community news year round via flyers, emails, sign boards, and Facebook.
  • Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale coordination, advertising, donation truck.
  • Annual neighborhood bulk item/trash pickup – free !
  • Free notary service for members.
  • Welcome visit, gift, & announcement for new neighbors.
  • Community social events including Memorial Day picnic, International potluck dinner, Independence Day Parade and Picnic, Labor Day picnic, Fall Festival, and National Night Out Ice cream social.
  • Seasonal activities including Halloween Parade, Easter Egg Hunt, and Snow Creature-making contests.
  • Decorations for national holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, etc.) and holiday decorations (sign poles) in December.
  • Entrance sign (both sides) maintenance and landscaping.
  • Improvements to our neighborhood parks.
  • Voice on local public issues (i.e., parks, environment, public transportation, variances, facility construction, and road construction).
  • Membership in the Braddock District Council.
  • Attendance of Braddock District Council meetings.
  • Volunteer and community service opportunities.
  • Annual Membership meeting...
  • Participate in civic matters in Fairfax County, consitent with operating as a Sec. 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.

Membership in the Association is limited to the owners and residents of the Olde Forge and Surrey Square subdivisions, which have become members in good standing thorugh the payment of annual dues. You can join or renew on this website or fill out a membership form and drop it off at the pool mailbox.