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Activities During the Pandemic

Activities During the Pandemic

These are challenging times. What an understatement! However, we have been trying to make the best of a challenging situation by scheduling activities that we could do during Stay at Home and Social Distancing orders.

  • Donations – Many in the neighborhood are coordinating donations to local food banks; including Lisa Goodwin, who is coordinating donations to the OCES Pantry and Therese Burruss, who is coordinating donations for “Food for Others”. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  • Scavenger Hunt – The Peck family provided the neighborhood with a fun and unique to OF-SS scavenger hunt.
  • Happy Heart Hunt– We encouraged neighbors to hang hearts in windows and on doors for us to find.
  • Chalk Art Contest – To replace the Snow Creature making contest that never happened due to lack of snow, we held a “Chalk Art Contest” in March. The response and number of entries was great! See pictures of some of the wonderful art throughout this newsletter. All of the pictures and winners are also posted on the OF-SS CA Facebook page.
  • Bear Search – We put stuffed animals in various locations for children (and adults!) to find during walks.
  • Nightly thank you to Front Line Workers – Many of you have taken to your porch each night to applaud frontline workers, place lighted candles, and via other acknowledgements.
  • Social Distanced Community Walks – We have modified the “Walking Club” characteristics to ensure that everyone is 6-10 feet (or more) apart during organized walks.
  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt -- Modified! The pandemic TRIED to ruin our annual Easter Egg hunt, but we prevailed by modifying this annual event. We changed where the eggs were located! Many residents placed decorated, paper eggs in their windows and on their doors for the kids to find during a virtual hunt on April 11th. Thanks to all who participated! Many parents commented how much fun they had with their kids searching for the eggs around the neighborhood.
  • Other ideas– Many of you have posted or sent other ideas for us all to consider. Keep them coming!

Easter Eggs