Olde Forge / Surrey Square. The most wonderful neighbors live here.

The Olde Forge - Surrey Square Neighborhood


Our Motto is "Live and Grow Here!"

Nature and Trails rather than Cut-Through Traffic!

Nature and Trails rather than Cut-Through Traffic!

For those less adventurous, we have great sidewalks around the Pickett - Twinbook loop and in and out the side streets.

But for the more adventurous, the Long Branch Stream Valley Park runs nearby.  Take the bridge at the intersection of Pickett and Twinbrook and gaze upon our little creek from the bridge.  Or take the path down alongside it and walk the trail to Olde Creek Elementary School and beyond.

It is nice and shady compared to the hot sidewalks.

We also have the Cinderella Park and the Turtle Park Playground, both with entrances off of Twinbrook.  Nice places to hang out with your kids. Stay tuned!