Annual Civic Association Meeting will be May 15th at Lord Lord of Life Lutheran Church – 5114 Twinbrook Road.

The meeting starts at 7 and voting is open to all Association members (one vote per household). If you are not yet an Association household you'll be able to join between 6:30 and 7:00 on the evening of the meeting.

The Civic Association has a 5 person Board elected for 2 year terms. Consider running for office if:

  • You want to take part in keeping the neighborhood a great neighborhood
  • You want to help determine how your dues are allocated and spent
  • You want to bring more attention to feeder school and high school events
  • This is the year you become an empty nester.

Self-nominations are very much encouraged. Third party nominations should be cleared with the nominee prior to submission. Send nominations to me via e-mail before midnight on May 11th. The present status of nominations is included on the attached list of job descriptions.

If service on the Board is a little beyond what you feel you can do then by all means consider serving on one of the neighborhood committees that work with the Board in the areas of Landscape, Communications, Social Events, Holiday decorations and Hospitality

Attached is a Word document containing the Board of Directors positions open for voting, and the status of candidates. Please take a look and contact George Klein if you are interested, and come to the meeting May 15th!