The 2012 Annual Meeting of the Olde Forge / Surrey Square Civic Association was held on May 23, 2012 at the Lord of Life Lutheran Church.


  • Welcome – President George Klein
  • Committee Updates
  • Board Updates
  • New Business

 Membership Dues

 Amendment of Bylaws

  • Presentation from Fairfax County Department of Cable and Consumer Services
  • Conclusion


George Klein welcomed attendees to the meeting and provided an overview of the evening's agenda. He also recognized the efforts of Molly Sharkey who assisted him in getting many of the neighborhood committees started this past year.

Committe Updates

Landscaping Committee (Liz Castillo)

The Landscaping Committee is responsible for landscaping the areas surrounding the entrance signs. The committee currently has 8-9 members, who each are responsible for a month of pruning and up keep. In October the group planted a perennial bed in Old Forge. This spring the group put mulch at both entrance signs. Money was needed for the mulch and may be needed in the future for professional trimming of the bushes at both entrances. The group also decorates the entrance with flags and wreaths during the holidays.

Holiday Committee (Vacant)

A volunteer to be the Chair of this committee is needed. Anyone interested in filling this role should contact George Klein. The Chair is responsible for organizing committee volunteers to decorate the neighborhood during the Fourth of July and Holiday season.

Hospitality Committee (David Guy)

The Hospitality Committee currently has 9 members, but welcomes more volunteers. Eighteen of the 24 blocks in the neighborhood are assigned. The goal is to have a block captain on each street to identify new neighbors. Volunteers are responsible for going to visit the new neighbor and providing a neighborhood directory and pool brochure and leaving a small welcome gift. The gift is a potted plant that costs about $15. The OF/SS Civic Association has an account with the Twinbrooke florist.

Communications Committee (Molly Sharkley / George Klein)

Lesley Pelstring is replacing Penny Paugh as Editor. Frequency of the newsletter is every other month. Paula McKinley prints the newsletter for the neighborhood, which means it does not come out of the budget. The delivery of the newsletter is done by volunteers (one per block). George Klein raised the issue of the houses on Braddock Road who are part of the neighborhood (38 houses/10% of neighborhood), but who cannot see the announcement boards. He solicited the neighborhood for ideas on how to best reach these neighbors. Finally, Molly reminded everyone that the Community List Serve run by Dorothy Firsching is a good way to keep up with neighborhood events.

Board Updates

Interface with Fairfax Government Officials (2nd VP Dana Dillon and President George Klein)

George and Dana continue to attend Fairfax County Government meetings and have met with both Fairfax County officials and our State Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn over the past year.

Neighborhood Clean-up (George Klein)

1st Vice President Rob Wood organized the Neighborhood Clean-up on 5 May. The effort went well, but was short on volunteers. Due to the small number of volunteers they were not able to complete all of the curb-side pickups by noon when the Fairfax County solid waste crew had to leave. The last load had to be delivered to the transfer station on Ox Road by our volunteers, incurring an additional cost (fee) of $42.

Finances (Kathy Augustine)

Balance as of May 23, 2012 is $2,355.63.

  • Total estimated expenses until 2014 membership drive is $6,405
  • Additional funds needed to operate until the 2014 membership drive is $4,050

Possible income from 2012 membership drive:

  • Dues @ $15 with 80% participation is $4,245
  • Dues @ $20 with 80% participation is $5,660

Membership Drive and Dues Decision (Kathy Augustine and George Klein)

The 2012 Membership Drive is planned for this fall. The Paypal option will be discontinued due to its cost relative to the number of people who used it during the 2010 Membership Drive. Volunteers will be requested to help with the Drive. Dues are currently $7.50/yr. The Board proposed raising the dues to $10/yr to ensure the Civic Association will have enough money to operate until 2014. The Motion passed.

Get the Best From Your Cable Provider (Fairfax County Department of Cable and Consumer Services, Communications Policy and Regulations Division (CPRD))

The presenters discussed the inspection and safety role of the CPRD and showed examples of safety hazards. The CPRD investigates cable-related reception and signal problems; works with cable providers to resolve service and regulatory issues, and inspects cable construction site locations among other things. More information about their role can be found at For any problems or safety concerns call 703-324-5902.

The Consumers Affair Branch handles a broad range of consumer complaints including cable billing issues, subscription offers, service-call difficulties and property restoration issues. They can be reached at 703-222-8435.

Doing my job as Association President only works when we have dedicated volunteers. Our neighborhood has been particularly blessed with a small cadre of folks who keep things ticking in a number of ways.

I would especially like to thank Gary and Mimi Krause for most recently taking on the job of OF/SS Association liaison to the County Parks Commission. They’ll be fulfilling a real need making sure we have an active voice in plans for our neighborhood parks, Long Branch trails, and other Parks related issues. In this issue you’ll also read about an upcoming event being planned by our energetic Social Committee. Among other things this issue also contains a “HELP WANTED AD” highlighting a neighborhood need and a summary of upcoming events.

I hesitate to mention it for fear of jinxing us but I’ll take a chance and observe that this absentee winter that we’ve been enjoying has been notable for its lack of neighborhood snow removal, slippery driving and tough parking issues – let us hope that everything stays nice and calm on the snow front for another four weeks or so. --George Klein